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Meditation for Beginners

4-Week Course
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Meditation for Beginners

Time & Location

16 Feb 2020, 10:00 – 12:00
The Wellbeing Campus, The Wellbeing Campus, Old Clatterbridge Road, Birkenhead, UK

About the Event

Did you know that regular meditation has been found to be as effective as antidepressant medication in the treatment of depression? Unlike antidepressants, however, meditation has no unpleasant side effects, aside from greater insight, emotional stability, clarity of thoughts, increased compassion, reduction of chronic pain, improved relationships... you get the picture! But, where and how do we get started?

Our six week introduction to meditation may be an ideal starting place. Join Louis every Sunday from 10am-12pm to explore the science behind meditation and how to cultivate a meditation practice of your own.

Louis has spent the last 8 years meditating on a daily basis and the last 5 years teaching it. Over the years, he has delivered mindfulness-based interventions in a variety of settings including the NHS, council, third sector and in education. And what has he learned in this time: ANYONE can learn to meditate; it’s a practice that’s acessible to EVERYONE. With the correct guidance.

Meditation has had a hugely profound impact on his life and provided him with the insight to overcome many years of recurrent depression which took hold in his late teens and lasted to his mid twenties.

Regular meditation not only brings us a sense of calm to our daily lives, it also affects the structure of the brain. Brain scans show that through practice, areas of the brain that are activated when we experience distress actually decrease in activity. The parts of the brain responsible for emotional regulation become denser. And areas of the brain active when we experience pain start to decrease.

You can already get a sense of how these changes may lead to a reduction in symptoms for those struggling with the likes of depression or anxiety issues.

Personality tests have revealed that, following regular meditation practice: we’re left with a greater sense of openness; we work better with others; we become more open and connected on an interpersonal and spiritual level; and we become better decision makers.

And one thing that many of the worlds most successful people share in common: they meditate every day!

Research in the field of meditation is abundant. And, speak to those who practice it regularly themselves and they’ll undoubtedly tell you how profoundly it’s affected their lives, as well.

There’s a great deal of tangible and evidenced changes that can occur when you invest in your well-being in this way. Even if you happen to be getting along just fine in life, meditation had been found to increase happiness levels to an even greater extend.

All course materials will be provided. And as meditation is a dose-dependent Prague, you’ll be given everything you need in order to practice at home, too, including audio recordings to guide your morning, evening or lunch break meditations.

The cost for the full four week course is £50. For those currently out of work due to stress-related or ill health issues or those on a particular low income, please message us about subsidised places.

“The greatest investment you can make is in your ability to handle the pressures of the 21st century”.


- Introduction to Mindfulness: basic theory; sitting meditation; breath & body awareness - Introduction to Mindfulness in Action: practicing mindfulness in daily life; mindfulness in nature; simple mindfulness techniques for a busy life - Introduction to Breath Work: the physiological impact of pranayama; pranayama to prepare for meditation - Gratitude & Savouring: how 3 mins of this per day can significantly boost levels of happiness - The Ancient Art of Metta (Loving-Kindness): growing self-compassion; compassion for others; transforming difficult relationships .


Sunday 16th Feb 10.00-12.00pm

Sunday 23rd Feb 10.00-12.00pm

Sunday 1st March 10.00-12.00pm

Sunday 8th March 10.00-12.00pm


The Wellbeing Campus,

Unit 3, Claremont Buildings,

Old Clatterbridge Road,


CH63 4JB


“My thoughts have been more rational. I have been looking after myself alot more and not colluding in drama. I am able to voice how I feel to the people closest to me without fear of what they think. I feel more comfortable with my choices... I am learning about myself everyday. I like myself. I feel I have more energy to be helpful and kind.” 2019 Course Participant

“It has made me more relaxed and more optimistic. I have also been calmer and less like to magnify small setbacks and react negatively to trivial problems. It has been noticeable by those closest to me.” 2019 Course Participant 

  • Meditation for Beginners

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