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Mindfulness for cancer care

"Louis's mindfulness course was not just a journey during my challenges; it equipped me with lifelong skills. His knowledge and enthusiasm are unmatched. I highly recommend the course to others. Louis has given me tools that extend beyond my cancer journey, and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity."

Nurturing Wellness on Your Journey Towards Greater Acceptance & Peace

Our 8-week Mindfulness for Cancer Care course is tailored with the utmost care for individuals navigating the intricate landscapes of pain and stress associated with a cancer diagnosis. This course is not just a program – it's a compassionate journey that intertwines science, community, and personalised well-being to allow those diagnosed with cancer to live with greater peace, contentment and fulfilment.

Why Mindfulness Creates Space in Your Journey:

Cancer is not just a physical journey; it's a profound emotional and mental journey, too. Our course acknowledges the depths of your experiences and provides gentle tools to navigate through them. Whether you seek solace from physical discomfort, wish to enhance your emotional resilience, or simply crave a supportive community, this course is crafted with your well-being at its heart.

Crafting a Tender Path to Wellness:

Guided by Your Comfort: Choose your preferred format – in-person sessions at our studio, live-streamed group sessions fostering shared experience, or the accessible ease of a self-paced online recorded course. 

A Curriculum of Compassion:

Immerse yourself in 20 hours of transformative class time, led by our experienced mindfulness practitioners. Expect a harmonious blend of teaching, guided meditation, heartwarming discussions, and the comforting support of your peers. Beyond class, daily 10-25 minute home meditation practices ensure that the benefits extend into your everyday life.

Tailored for Your Personal Journey:

Cancer journeys are unique, and our program reflects that understanding. Receive gentle guidance on pain management, self-compassion, and building resilience – all crafted with tender care for individuals with a cancer diagnosis.

Stories of Healing from Our Community:

At The Wellbeing Campus, we take pride in having delivered this course to Ahead of the Game service users, a Wirral-based cancer foundation. Participants found not just relief but joy, improved sleep, and enhanced mental resilience. Their stories echo the tangible benefits of our program, grounded in empathy and understanding.

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about the teacher

Louis is a mindfulness practitioner, meditation teacher, psychology grad and founding Director of The Wellbeing Campus. With over ten years meditation experience and eight years of teaching mindfulness, Louis combines his passion for mental health with his love of mindfulness, positive psychology and neuroscience to help individuals and groups build healthy habits that have lasting changes. 


Louis took on the biggest challenge of his life six years ago when he unexpectedly became a full time carer to his two nephews. His training in mindfulness and passion for holistic health is a testament to his ability to ‘hold it together’ while managing the daily challenges of caring for children with trauma-related issues alongside running a business and managing a long-term autoimmune condition. 


Louis worked for several years in NHS and community sector mental health services, observing first-hand some of the limitations to an overly medicalised approach to mental health. Having worked alongside many psychologists and other skilled mental health practitioners, Louis considers mindfulness and compassion training to be fundamental in creating lasting changes in ones life.


As scientific evidence of the therapeutic benefits of meditation and yoga continues to grow, Louis seeks to further embed these ancient practices into his local community of Wirral and beyond. 


His one-to-one work with clients is rooted in person-created, evidence-based practice, the type researchers have found can facilitate structural and functional changes the regions of the brain associated with stress management, emotional intelligence & resilience, compassion, learning & memory, and positive emotion.


Louis makes a consistent effort to keep up-to-date with current research and best practice guidelines, holding compassion and professionalism to high esteem. Each year he attends a 10-day silent meditation retreat, comprising over 100-hours of practice, and continues to build on his experiential understanding of mindfulness to help others embed this transformative practice into their daily lives. 


"Mindfulness has transformed my daily life. Initially skeptical, I now realize the power of dedicating time to reflect. The course has enabled me to acknowledge and respond to my emotions, leading to a more calm and content mindset. Even on busy days, I find myself responding differently, embracing the healing time I need."

- Brooke

"Louis introduced new mindfulness techniques that significantly impacted my life, especially during a challenging time with chemo. Despite juggling parenting and treatment, the benefits, including improved sleep and being 'present,' were evident. The remote sessions were essential, fostering connections with others facing similar struggles. Louis' guidance, coupled with the provided resources, made the course a valuable experience."

- Ed

"The mindfulness course was an unexpected gem for me. Not typically my 'bag,' but it has positively influenced my mindset after dealing with brain tumor issues. The meditation, in particular, is a calming force. I wholeheartedly recommend it, and Louis, a genuinely nice guy, played a crucial role in making the experience worthwhile."

- Mark

"Louis's mindfulness course was not just a journey during my challenges; it equipped me with lifelong skills. His knowledge and enthusiasm are unmatched. I highly recommend the course to others. Louis has given me tools that extend beyond my cancer journey, and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity."

- Kelly

"The mindfulness course was a valuable part of my cancer journey. Louis's coaching and the interactive online format allowed for shared experiences. Although the timing wasn't ideal for me, the content's positivity outweighed any negatives. Mindfulness, undoubtedly beneficial, has been a crucial support, and I would recommend it to those open to helping themselves.

- Lorraine

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